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  • Todd Kennedy started the conversation

    (Thats a lot of hoops to jump through just to ask a question. You need to make it easy for people to get support not hard. You may ask yourself how many people didn't ask a question and left due to the registration of a product they already purchased. I really came close to just leaving. You also need to parse your url field to allow for www, this isn't the 90's. After  repeated errors for "incorrect URL entered" I removed it and will leave it here: http://www.toddkennedy.com)

    My question is: I purchased the Yve theme and loaded the demo info with the hands background image. I want to change out that image but can't find it in the CMS. Can you let me know where this is or how to swap that image out? Thanks. 

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    Rodrigo replied

    Hi Todd,

    I'm sorry you found that this support system (Ticksy) is not easy to use. I never had any problem with complains.
    Do you know you can use your Envato account to login here, and it automatically verifies your purchase?

    About the issues, thanks for bringing my attention to url field, I will improve it in the next update.

    You can change the background image easily with Visual Composer.
    In your dashboard, navigate to "Pages" and open the "Home" page, the image can be changed under "row settings".
    I've made a screen recording: http://recordit.co/41FNpU3S6g

    Best regards

  • Todd Kennedy replied

    Thanks for the help. Yeah no one probably commented because they didn't bother to let you know. Didn't know I could use my Envato account but really unless you post it how would I? Thanks again for the help. Cheers.

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    Rodrigo replied

    You're right.
    I've improved the Signup/login system, and the "Envato Login" is now easier to use.