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wrong display of banners or pictures


  • ronnie started the conversation

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the last two responses of my previous tickets.

    I have a request, I am having problems when I open the website template on any mobile phone, iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet, etc. The graphics for the banners and home screen are not adapting and they wont display properly. Do you have any fix for this problem. Should I do something with my pictures, please tell me what to do asap because the site is live as you can see in http://www.claprojectmanagement.com/

    Thanks again,


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    Rodrigo replied

    Hi Ron,

    |In your css file, where you have

    #intro, #parallax-1, #parallax-2, #parallax-3, #parallax-4 {
        background-attachment: fixed;
        background-position: center; }

    Try changing to:

    #intro, #parallax-1, #parallax-2, #parallax-3, #parallax-4 {
      background-attachment: scroll;
      background-position: center; }

    Best regards